A new series of webinars dedicated to the design of urban community gardens

Wednesday July 26 at 16:00 (CET) | 9:00 (COT) the first episode of the Webinar organised by ANCI Lazio, was dedicated to organic agriculture in urban gardens and their productivity.

In this first episode of the new serie of webinar organised by ANCI Lazio, was dedicated to the dialogue between agronomists and experts: Andrés Pacheco (Colombia), Leandro Dominicis (Italy), Luis Pino (Colombia) and Joy Venegas (Mexico). The challenge of social, cultural and economic sustainability were the background to the dialogue.

Brief contributions and questions and answers from participants and interested parties enriched the session which was held with great interest and attention from all.

The meeting was held mainly in Spanish.

A second session in the autumn 2023 will be dedicated to economic sustainability in an urban garden and to value-added social services and activities according to experiences conducted at an international level.

Contribution of Davide Marino, expert in Urban Agriculture and Food Systems (Italy)

Contribution of Andrés Pacheco, Agronomist (Alcaldia de Barranquilla – Colombia)

More details will be reported shortly on this page…

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