An intensive 4-day Training for Trainers seminar in Barranquilla

Training for trainers April 28th  – May 1st, 2023
4 days of training for trainers course involving participants from Barranquilla as well as from Cali, Medellin, Puerto Colombia and Bogotà. The training course content included important topics as educational principals, types of learning and the importance of dialogue. The participants also learned about the history of urban community gardens and about the training format of the Gardeniser pro training course. Finally, the non formal education methodology guided the participants in a wonderful experience of co-creation of the training programme and activities for the next Gardeniser training course, adapted to the local context, that will involve community leaders from Barranquilla supporting the process of construction of the first 4 urban community gardens in Barranquilla. 

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Video story of the “Training of Trainers” realized in Barranquilla (2023).

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