Who are we: the GeneACTOR Consortium

ANCI Lazio coordinates the development cooperation project “GenerACTOR – Community gardens as a GenerACTOR for good governance, active citizenship and participation“, co-financed by the European Commission (Contract no. CSO-LA-2021/428-386) under the European Development Fund.  As the title mentions, the project insists on the creation of community gardens in the urban area of Barranquilla (Colombia), as an instrument for good governance, active citizenship and participation.

The main objectives of the project are:

a) strengthening the capacities of local authorities and communities to co-create sustainable urban transformation strategies, 

b) development of a participatory model for the design and implementation of urban community gardens and green public spaces, 

c) Implement a networking strategy as a tool for knowledge exchange and sustainability, thus contributing to strengthening the multi-level governance of the city of Barranquilla (Colombia), integrating urban and rural communities into sustainable development initiatives and contributing to reducing the levels of poverty and food insecurity of the most vulnerable communities, in particular migrants, based on innovation and circular economy approaches.

This logic of intervention has been adopted to favor new models of urban development in order to implement the commitments of the Global Green Deal and the SDGs and promote the integration of the most vulnerable populations and the reduction of their levels of vulnerability.

GenerACTOR project is coordinated by ANCI Lazio and has as partners:

Duration: January 2022 – December 2024

Total budget: 2.931.080,00 €



ANCI Lazio, established in 1972 and based in Rome (Italy), is one of the regional branches of the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI) which actively participates to common activities, as required by the National Regulation.

ANCI Lazio represents the interests of its members (378 cities and municipalities located in Lazio Region and representing 5.5 million of inhabitants) and is active at national and regional level to promote LAs interests and specificities (in particular those of small municipalities).


Alcaldía de Barranquilla, is the highest administrative and political authority of the special, industrial and port district of Barranquilla (Colombia). It is the capital district of Atlántico Department in Colombia. It is located near the Caribbean Sea and is the largest city and third port[4] in the Caribbean Coast region

Siembra Más, is a company founded in 2017 within the “Todos al parque” program of the Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla, since then a vehicle for structuring and executing environmental recovery programs in both urban and rural areas.

It promotes the sustainable development of cities and the care of the environment through the recovery of green areas in public spaces, the structuring and execution of environmental sustainability projects that allow the conservation or promotion of the regeneration of ecosystems of terrestrial life and the reduction the impact of climate change.

Replay Network aps, is an internationally active social promotion association made up of educators and trainers. The mission of the association is to promote social cohesion, responsible participation, active citizenship, inclusion and equal opportunities, to support employability, active aging, cooperation and multiculturalism, building bridges and conditions contributing to the achievement of the Europe 2030 goals of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Risorse per Roma, is the in-house company – wholly owned by Roma Capitale – founded in 1995 to manage the activities of alienation of the capital’s real estate assets. Over time, it has expanded its corporate mission, incorporating strategic activities such as the building amnesty, the freeing / transformation of surface rights and the alienation of the capital’s assets, available and unavailable. The twenty-six years of experience in the Planning, Design and Transformation of the Territory and in the Management Support to the Projects of the Building Management of the Urban Planning Department, make Risorse per Roma a valuable organisation at the service of the Metropolitan city of Rome.

Associated partners

DEMUCA Foundation, is a technical and financial cooperation instrument of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) that promotes the strengthening of local governments in Central America and the Caribbean. His work focuses on the development of strategies and the execution of national and regional projects aimed at improving the management capacities of municipalities and their various forms of association.

Gobernacion del Atlantico, is a body founded by the National Constituent and Legislative Assembly of Colombia, with the law n. 17 of 1905 of 11 April, and formed by the Provinces of Sabanalarga and Barranquilla, of the Department of Bolívar. Currently, the Atlántico Department is made up of 22 Municipalities and the Special Industrial and Port District of Barranquilla, its capital. It manages the human, sustainable and productive development of the territory, facilitator of the development programs of the National Government in interaction with the Municipalities in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the laws.

“Vivere In…” is an Association of Social Promotion, based in Rome (Italy) and established in July 2017 (originates from a citizens association path since 2006) and is a meeting point for all those who wish to give a their contribution in the most varied fields, from recreational activities to those connected to the practice of a hobby, from the environment to sport, from culture to the affirmation of the rights of active citizenship, to the simple maintenance of the dignity of the neighborhood where one lives.
It manages the municipal urban community gardens located in the Casal Brunori Park, an urban area of the Rome IX Municipality of Roma Capitale.

Venezolanos en Barranquilla, is a non-profit organization that from the very beginning of its life and its philanthropic, social, cultural, sporting and academic activities, aims to promote integration through the creation of support networks among Venezuelans living in the region of the Colombian Caribbean. The Association was born on the initiative of a group of Venezuelan citizens residing in the city of Barranquilla (Colombia) with the interest of developing philanthropic, social, recreational, cultural, sports, academic and political activities for the integration of integration networks of support for Venezuelans residing in the Colombian Caribbean region.

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