1. Multi-Governance

This macro activity includes 20 sub-activities starting from an action of constant cooperation dialogue related to the “Capacity building of local public officials and representative” among the partners, and among the main ones:

7 webinars “Factors enabling to sustainable Urban&Peri-urban Agricultural Policy”

Set-up of 1 Urban Local Group in Barranquilla and the organization and realization of 12 meetings of Urban Local Groups (ULGs)centered on the pilot areas of Lipaya, Juan Mina, La Paz and Las Gardenias).

A Mapping experience on the existing gardening experiences in Colombia and in Lazio Region

3 Study visits (in Rome and Barranquilla) to boots the capacities of governance

A consistent training program for people interested in Barranquilla, consisting of:

  • 16 Gardeners’ Trainings (News: open call January 2024! LINK)
  • One Gardeniser Pro Training Pathway
  • One Training of Trainers Gardeniser
  • One Gardeniser Tec Training course
  • One Gardeniser EDU Training course

An implementation of activity with schools with theoretical and hands-on training for students in a public school

One online platform “GARDENISER.CO

Overview of the training activities for 2023.

In 2023, within the GenerACTOR project (Co-financed by the European Union), many experiences, new alliances, satisfactions, opportunities and much more were gained which in particular characterized the accompaniment of the 4 pilot areas with their communities dedicated to creating the first urban community gardens in Barranquilla (Colombia)

2. Pilot actions

this macro activity includes 9 sub-activities among which:

  • Support the city of Barranquilla in designing a concept plan & methodology for urban agriculture as a city-wide effort
  • Concept Plan & Methodology
  • Develop and implement pilots/urban gardens
  • Studies and design of 4 pilots/urban gardens
  • Implementation of the 4 pilots/urban gardens through a participatory approach with neighboring communities in vulnerable urban areas
  • Formalization of community associations for the operation of community urban gardens
  • Regulatory document with the criteria for the management and assignment of the plots to residents (as per the RU:RBAN model)
  • “How to create new public services” and realization of one novel Technological platform (e-governance) in Barranquilla

3. Transferring lessons learnt

this macro-activity consists of 5 sub-activities, among which:

  • Transfer of the partnership’s model and green urban policy in Latin America, inspired by the Global Green Deal.
  • Document with narrative (transfer story) of the pilots and experience from exchanges in Barranquilla: How to implement urban gardens.
  • Development of 1 public policy document “Manifesto on UPA Governance” which may have an international impact
  • 2 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with other local and regional authorities in Colombia
  • Virtual – in-person forums for the transfer of Concept Plan and best practices to at least 4 local/regional authorities in Colombia.

4. Communication & Dissemination activities

this macro activity is composed of 14 sub-activities which mainly include:

  • a Communication Plan that is updated over time
  • Communication Kit (posters, templates and logos, press releases, etc.)
  • Project website (network webpage)
  • Digital social channels (Facebook in Spanish, Facebook in English, Youtube channel)
  • A video clip that resumes the experience matured by the consortium Promotional material
    5 Press releases concerning the planned face-to-face 3 study visits + 2 face-to-face international events
    1 national final event organized in Colombia
    1 international final event in synergy with Demuca Foundation

5. Management

This macro activity ensures the correct technical and financial management of the project and is composed of 7 sub-activities, among which:

1 Kick off meeting to launch the project
12 coordinating meetings (4 per year)
Reports and Evaluation activity

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