Pilot areas in Barranquilla

GenerACTOR project act to improve the situation of residents in four highly-vulnerable neighborhoods in Barranquilla (La Paz, Juan Mina, Lipaya and Las Gardenias), who will be able to improve not only their food security and economic situation, but also benefit from new accessible green spaces.

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Info graphics about the social aspects in the neighborhood of La Paz in Barranquilla (CO)

Source: Alcaldia de Barranquilla

Graphic of the neighborhood Juan Mina in Barranquilla (CO).

Juan Mina is one of the two districts into which the rural area of the Colombian city of Barranquilla is divided. It is located 5 km southwest of the urban area, on the Cotton road or extension. It is located in a strategic area where the new free zone of La Cayena was built.

Source: “Barranquilla rural urbana” image by Jdvillalobos (CC BY 3.0) in Wikipedia

The Lipaya neighborhood is located near Suroccidente and near Barrio La Esmeralda, located in Barranquilla (CO)

Las Gardenias neighborhood in Barranquilla (CO)

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