The professional figure of “Gardeniser” presented at the 6th World Forum of Sustainable Cities ‘Agenda 2030’ in Paris

Source: website of the “Foro Global Ciudades Sostenibles”

The Gardeniser professional figure will be presented at the 6th World Forum of Sustainable Cities ‘Agenda 2030’ in Paris, from 23 to 26 August 2022.
This new professional figure has been conceived and developed since 2012 by the social promotion association Replay Network APS, partner of GenerACTOR. Through several consecutive projects carried out within the European ERASMUS program, and beyond, it has developed an ad hoc training course based on a uniform ECVET (European credit system for Vocational Education & Training) credit system for all European countries and available internationally which allows the training of this new strategic figure for social cohesion and sustainable development, the “GARDENISER” whose term comes from the union between the English words Gardener (gardener) and Organizer, that’s equivalent to a coordinator of urban community gardens.

Pistes-Solidaires, the French partner of Replay Network – under Gardeniser Hub project – will present the figure of the Gardeniser at the 6th World Forum of Sustainable Cities ‘Agenda 2030’, an event that represents a platform that brings together experts from innovation in different areas of municipal development with Latin American governors, mayors and officials from 19 countries.

As stated by the promoters of the international initiative “The event will guide governments in the ecological and technological transition that will take place in all fields in the coming years, to help them improve the performance of their public work, find new allies and international contractors for the development of their government projects.”

During the GenerACTOR project, training courses at local level will be activated in Barranquilla (CO), carried out by specialized personnel from Replay Network, to train aspiring Gardenisers, i.e. young people and adults able to collaborate with urban gardens in various ways, both in the public and private sector, and who want to improve or complete the skills necessary to play the role of coordinator of urban gardens.

Photo source: from the Gardeniser Hub Newsletter

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  1. Quiero inscribirme para poder formame como jardinero y brimdar mi conocimientos como tecnologo medio ambiental a Barranquilla

  2. Rafael Barvo Romero says:

    Me gustaría ser parte de su equipo inonovador en las actividades agrourbanas

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