Webinar GenerACTOR “Participatory process in Barranquilla – from community urban gardens towards a new digital service”

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This is the 3rd webinar carried out within the GenerACTOR project, organized by ANCI Lazio and dedicated to the participatory process for the creation of community gardens in Barranquilla.

During the webinar the experience conducted by Risorse per Roma in the context of the SMARTICIPATE project will be told, for the creation of a new digital service for the management of urban gardens in the city of Rome. Furthermore, examples of successful digital participatory processes dedicated to urban and peri-urban green spaces will be presented by ANCI Lazio.

The meeting will also be useful for dialogue between partners and stakeholders on the entire participatory process underway in the city of Barranquilla.

An event organized within the GeneraACTOR project which sees the constant cooperation between the following partners:

And with the support of associated partners:

@Fondazione Demuca
@Venezuelanos en Barranquilla

(GenerACTOR project is funded by the European Union under the Cooperation Development Fund).

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